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Rules And Regulations

Books are the ladder of human progress and the golden key to wisdom.

The donation of books, periodicals, manuscripts and other literature resources from all party and government offices, enterprises and institutions, social organisations, students, teachers and alumni of Zhejiang University, from people of all fields of society to the library are welcome.

To further improve the work of receiving literature resources and to regulate the process of donation and receiving the library formulated this regulation by referring to the Management measures of Donated literature of Zhejiang University Library, please be aware of the following regulations.

I. Collection Standards of Donated Literature

1. Donations should meet the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws.

2. Donations should be in accord with the library collection development policy.

3. Donations should be in accord with teaching and scientific research.

4. Official publications, but also unofficial publications of high academic value.

5. Journals that the library does not have (including online versions) and can be donated in sets or on an ongoing basis

6. Digital resources with domestic sales or distribution licences and can be accessible with existing technical equipment or the campus network environment.

7. Donated journals will only be used for reading in the current year and will not be included in the collection (except for continuous complete journals that are out of the library's collection)

II. Handling of Donated Documents

1. Once literature is donated to the library, the library is to have the ownership and discretion of it, and will handle it properly (including collection, transfer, exchange, etc.) in accordance with the relevant regulations and making use of the donated resources as far as possible without the need to inform the donor.

2. Donations from eminent scholars or alumni may be displayed as a complete collection of donated literature in the form of a famous book collection, depending on the wishes of the donor.

3. The works of teachers, students and alumni of Zhejiang University will be kept in the special collection.

4. Donors are kindly requested to leave their autographs or inscriptions on the donated books. The donated books will be regularly catalogued and shelved, and a special catalogue of donated literature will be established and published on the library's website.

III. Donation Methods

1. Donation to the library: Zhejiang University International Campus Library, 1st floor, Information Desk.

2. Donations by mail: Zhejiang University International Campus Library, No.718 Haizhou Rd, Haining City, Zhejiang Province.

3. Contact: Tel: 0573-87572288


4. Notes:

(1) If multiple books are donated at one time, local donors can    contact the library, and the library will have them picked up.

(2) Without prior agreement, the library generally does not accept postal donations on delivery.

IV. Receipt of Donation

1. Once the donation has been received, the library will issue a letter of thanks or a certificate of donation to the donor in person, by letter or by mail in a timely manner as a token of encouragement and appreciation. Please leave your name, telephone number, address, postcode and other contact details for the library to send a letter of thanks or a certificate of donation.

2.Donations of restricted documents that are not suitable for public access may not be received receipt.

3.The donation certificate is only an expression of gratitude to the donor and does not represent the library's assessment of the content or academic standard of the donated documents.


Library of International Campus, Zhejiang University

 May 27, 2020


Appendix I:Library Donation Information Registration Form of International Campus, Zhejiang University


To better meet the academic and research needs, Kindle and iPad Rental Service will be available to enhance paperless reading. Users should follow the policies below:

1.      All faculty and students with campus card are eligible for Kindle and iPad Rental Service.

2.      Service Hour: Mon. to Fri. 9:00-21:30

3.      Loan Procedure: go to library DEVICE RENTAL SERVICE | library ( - Kindle & iPad Loan Service to book a device online, then borrow it in the Information Desk, the 1st floor, library.

3.    Duration of each booking session is four hours if you use the device within the library, and seven days if you take the device out of library.

4.    Unclaimed device will be released for booking 30 minutes after the beginning of the session. No show without making any cancellation will be counted as violation.

5.    Please remember to return the device on time. Otherwise, requesters cannot book a device for seven days.

6. People who is the first time to borrow the device should get to know the rules, and sign their names in the Kindle & iPad loaning Agreement of Intl-campus Library,Zhejiang University.

7.    Librarians will check if the kindle or iPad and accessories have been returned. Borrowers are responsible for any damage of the device. Lost or fully damaged, borrowers will be charged full price of the device.

8.    Before device return, borrowers should log out their account to protect their personal information.



Book Reservation Service within ZJU libraries has been available for students, faculty and staff to borrow books by reserving online, and collecting in the library they selected. And it is possible for all readers to borrow or return in any of ZJU libraries.

1.    There are two types of books that can be reserved: all the books that have been borrowed and those in other libraries.

2.    You could search the bibliographic information via , and submit a request by clicking “reserve” in the book’s bibliographic information.

3.    If you reserve borrowed books, you can borrow it when it is returned. If you reserve books on shelf in other ZJU libraries, you can only borrow it when it is delivered here.

4.    After receiving an informative mail or message of the book’s arrival, readers can collect and borrow it in the service desk, the first floor, library.

5.    The reserved book will be kept for three days on the reserved shelf. If they haven’t been taken within three days, they will be withdrawn and back to circulation.

6.    A maximum number of books that can be reserved by student, staff and faculty is three.

7.    Readers will receive both email and message once the book’s arriving and, therefore, they are advised to fill in or update the personal information in “My Library”.


一 . Borrowing Books

1.    Most books can be borrowed while the reference books, special collections and periodicals can only be read within the library.

2.    Full-time graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and staff can borrow a maximum of 30 books while visiting scholars can borrow a maximum of 12 books.

3.    The loan period is 40 days and readers can renew the book online before the due date with unlimited times. When the book is overdue, it couldn’t be renewed.

4.    You cannot borrow any books when the overdue books exceeds the limited number.

5.    When a book is borrowed, please check whether there is any damage. If so, please declare to the staff immediately and stamped the book, otherwise, the borrower should be responsible for the damage.

6.    The borrowed books or books in other campus branches can be obtained by library reservation services, as specified in the “Book Reservation Regulations of the International Campus Library of Zhejiang University”.

7.    If the book you want is not in the collection of Zhejiang University, you can obtain it through interlibrary loan and document delivery service.


二 . Returning Books

1. Please return the books on time, and the overdue fee will be 0.05 yuan per book per day.

2. If the books returned are stained, you need to pay fines.

一.   Library Membership Application

1.     All full time students automatically become members of our library when receive  University Card.

2.     Faculty and staff will have library membership at the beginning of the month after Human Resources Department send us a list of the new recruits.

二.   Lost and Re-application

1.     If your campus card is lost, please remember to apply for a new one in the student service center immediately.

2.     Campus card holder should be responsible for any financial lose if your campus card is lost .

三.   Library Membership Cancelation

When students, faculty and staff have graduated or will leave school, please return the borrowed books and pay the overdue fine before cancelling library membership.



To standardize visit and reception, to create good atmosphere and to promote communication, these terms and conditions are formulated as follows: 

1. Group visit is available during the opening hours. Institutes or departments of the campus, when arranged library visits for visiting groups, should fill in the Application for Group Visit in the Library at least two days in advance to inform us the information including your college or department, visitors, visit time and, etc. Before entering library, the group guide should register with your valid campus card. 

2. Relatives and friends of our teachers and students can visit the library with accompany after registering with valid campus card or student card.  

3. Alumnus is available to visit the library with valid identification, including student card, campus card, original or copy of graduation certificate, etc. 

4. The media for the purpose of interview and recording can come into the library only when it is approved by the Office of General Administration, and related institutes or departments of the campus should contact us at least two days in advance with relevant documents. 

5. Individual visits are not allowed accept those mentioned above. If you have urgent needs in reference, please apply for a one-day reading card with a recommendation by your employers and your ID card. 

6. The visitors shall not disturb any workers or readers. The group leader should keep the visits in order. 

7. Visiting area: first floor only. Photography is only available after permitting. 

8. When visiting, please following the rules below: keep quiet, and mute your phone; Please do not bring any food or beverages, keep it clean and tidy, and smoking is strictly prohibited; please take care of public property; please keep your valuables properly; do not take any photos or videos of readers or others without permission. 

9. Please contact us: 0571-87572288, Miss Xu. 

10. The right of interpretation belongs to the Office of Campus Operations and Support.