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WeiXue Bookself





In order to accurately know the needs of readers, the library has set up ‘WeiXue’ Bookshelf on the shelf behind the consulting desk on the first floor. The bookshelf will display great deal of best-selling books and the books will be regularly updated. The books are allowed to borrow or purchase by teachers and students of the campus. 

Meanwhile, the books with the borrowing records will be added into our purchase lists. The establishment of ‘WeiXue’ Bookshelf is to improve the quality of library services and to build a ‘reader-oriented’ collection mode. 


You select, we collect! 


1.Overview of WeiXue Bookself 

(1) Location: the shelf behind the Consulting Desk, Library 1st Floor. 

(2) Available Date: from April 23rd, 2018. 


2. Rules 

(1) Readers can borrow books by filling out the "Wei Xue Shelf Loan Registration Form”. 

(2) Readers can borrow 3 books for 30 days after filling the form of ‘borrowing registration’. Books with borrowing records will be purchased and put on the normal shelves for long-term circulation and storage. 

(3) When finished reading, please return it to the Consulting Desk on the first floor of the Library within the loan period. 

(4) Readers could also choose to purchase the books directly. 


Wei Xue Shelf booklist(Phase I)

Wei Xue Shelf booklist (Phase II)