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Literature Search Service

Search Assistance

In order to facilitate teachers and students to access literature, the library relies on rich collection resources to provide literature retrieval services for readers in campus.

Please click the link Application form for literature search service and submit the application by email.

Library email address:



Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service

The Document delivery service aims to help our teachers and students access the literature resources not collected by our library from domestic and foreign libraries, scientific research institutions and document providers through various ways, and also provide the users off campus our collections.

If the library does not collect the documents required by our teachers and students, you can submit the document application on CALIS and CASHL document delivery system platform to access the documents. Please Click the Link to register and submit.


SystemScope of servicesService GuidancePermissions and Fees


(China Academic   Humanities and Social Sciences Library)

                   i.             Paper   delivery of foreign language journals in Humanities and Social Sciences

                  ii.             Borrowing of   foreign language books in Humanities and Social Sciences

                 iii.            CASHL platform user guidance   (social science foreign language resources)

                iv.            How to borrow books from CASHL

                 v.            Maximum books borrowing: 5

                vi.            Time limit: 1 week

               vii.            Free of charge


(China Academic   Library & Information System)

                   i.            Document delivery in Chinese and foreign languages

                  ii.            Books borrowing from the National Library of China,   Shanghai Library and some university collections in Chinese and foreign   languages

                 iii.            Service Guidance

                iv.            No number limits

                 v.            Time limit: 1 week

                vi.            Charge for some services (As shown in the Subsidy policy)


Literature types

Document Delivery: original copies or scanned copies of books, journal papers, conference papers, academic dissertations, scientific and technological reports, standards, patents and so on.