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Resources off-campus visits

In order to meet the needs of students and faculties of International Campus to use Library's electronic resources off-campus, Library has sorted out the methods of access to electronic resources off-campus, so that all the students and faculties can access electronic resources easily. Please feel free to use.  

Access method 1: RVPN  

        RVPN is a virtual private network technology with security encryption protection. RVPN is only available off-campus (Not available under campus network). 

       Students and faculties of International Campus can use INTL ID to log in to the RVPN and access most of Library's digital resources off-campus. 

       Instruction: 「

Access method 2: WebVPN system  


       Login: Use VPN account and password   

       After logging in, you can choose any resources for access according to your needs. The unlisted database resources can be accessed through the database search guide. You can access most of the databases ordered by the library.   


       (1) Please enter the database page through the library website or the electronic resource guide on the library website. Direct access through entering of the domain name of the visited resource in the address bar of the browser is not supported.  

       (2) Do not run RVPN and WebVPN simultaneously in case of access failure;   

       (3) Using WebVPN to access library electronic resources does not require the installation of clients and plug-ins. It is available on the computers, mobile phones and Pads, except non-Web protocol applications, such as remote desktop, FTP, etc.  

       (4) If the account cannot be authenticated for logging in, please contact the ITS (24-hour hotline 0571-87951669). For other usage questions, please leave your questions on the message board of the library website.  

       (5) Please use WebVPN to access the newly added trial database.   

Access method 3: CARSI  

        CARSI (CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure)is the CERNET Authentication and Resource Sharing Infrastructure of China Education and Research Computer Network. It was initiated by the Computing Center of Peking University in December 2008. It has been established in domestic universities for unified user management and identity of campus networks. Based on the authentication system, it provides cross-domain identity authentication and resource sharing services to Chinese universities and research institutions.  

        When using CARSI, the educational network resource sharing service, students and faculties only need to log in to the database and enter the INTL ID to directly access some electronic resources off-campus without RVPN, which is very convenient. 

        At present, INTL ID-certified databases can be accessed off-campus are listed as follow:  

        CNKIEBSCOEmeraldRoyal Society of ChemistryIEEEProQuestElsevier SDIOP PublishingSpringer NatureSpringerLinkSpringerMaterialsWeb of ScienceEngineering Village 、ReaxysSciValScopusEmbaseJoVEACSWanfang iresearchbook De Gruyter OnlineOSAPQDTTaylor & Francis  ItextbookVIPBegell House Inc  BrillPiShuWileyEReadingInCitesEssential Science IndicatorsJournal Citation Reports Gale OvidWorld ScientificOxford Journals Taiwan Scholar Journal DatabaseProject MUSESIAMChina social science excellenceKargerBentham ScienceWestlaw Britannica Academic koolearn Jingdong Reading Campus edition and other databases. New databases will be added in the future. Please stay tuned. 

       Electronic Resources Directory and Access Guide  

Service providerResource listWebsiteAccess Guide
Clarivate AnalyticsWeb of Sciencewebofknowledge.comDownload
ElsevierElsevier ScienceDirectsciencedirect.comDownload
Emerald (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.Emeraldemerald.comDownload
IEEEInstitute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
IOP PublishingIOP Publishingiopscience.iop.orgDownload
ProQuestProQuest LLCsearch.proquest.comDownload
Royal Society of ChemistryRoyal Society of Chemistry Publications Onlinepubs.rsc.orgDownload
Springer NatureNaturenature.comDownload
Springer NatureSpringerLinklink.springer.comDownload
Springer NatureSpringerMaterialsmaterials.springer.comDownload
ElsevierEngineering Villageengineeringvillage.comDownload
JoVE Journal of Visualized ExperimentsJoVEjove.comDownload
American Chemical SocietyACSpubs.acs.orgDownload
Tongfang HowNet (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.CNKIfsso.cnki.netDownload
Beijing Wanfang Data Co., Ltd. Wanfang Data Knowledge Service
China education books import and export co. LTD Iresearchiresearchbook.cnDownload
Walter de Gruyter GmbHDe Gruyter Onlinedegruyter.comDownload
The Optical SocietyOSAosapublishing.orgDownload
Beijing zhongke import and export co. LTDPQDTpqdtcn.comDownload
Taylor & FrancisTaylor & Francis Onlinetandfonline.comDownload
China education books import and export co. LTDItextbookitextbook.cnDownload
Chongqing weipu information co.
Begell House IncBegell House Incdl.begellhouse.comDownload
Brill Academic PublishersBrillbrill.comDownload
Social Sciences Academic
China National Publications Import &Export (Group) CorpEReadingcnpereading.comDownload
Clarivate AnalyticsInCitesincites.clarivate.comDownload
Clarivate AnalyticsEssential Science Indicatorsesi.clarivate.comDownload
Clarivate AnalyticsJournal Citation Reportsjcr.clarivate.comDownload
Cengage Learning Asia Pte
Oxford University PressOxford Journalsjcr.clarivate.comDownload
Wolters KluwerOvid Technologiesovidsp.ovid.comDownload
WorldScientificPublishingCompanyWorld Scientific Publishingworldscientific.comDownload
China education books import and export co. LTDTaiwan Scholar Journal Databasetwscholar.comDownload
Project MUSE at JHUPProject MUSEmuse.jhu.eduDownload
SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)SIAMepubs.siam.orgDownload
RUC Digital MediaChina social science excellencerdfybk.comDownload
S Karger AGKargerkarger.comDownload
Bentham Science PublishersBentham Scienceeurekaselect.netDownload
Thomson Reuters WestlawWestlawwestlaw.comDownload
Encyclopaedia Britannica Australia LtdBritannica
Beijing Huiyun Botu Technology Co., LTDJingdong Reading Campus


Access method 4: Remote Access 


        The IEEE Xplore, Elsevier ScienceDirect, and ACS databases cannote be accessed by RVPN, which can be accessed by Remote Access off-campus.  

        Electronic Resources Directory and Access Guide 

            IEEE Xplore(Access Guide) 

            Elsevier ScienceDirect(Access Guide) 

            ACS(Access Guide) 

Tips: In addition to Remote Access, IEEE Xplore, Elsevier ScienceDirect, and ACS can also be accessed by CARSI off-campus. 

Special tips for off-campus visits: 

Students and Faculties are requested to pay attention to and strictly abide by the "Administrative Measures for the Use of Electronic Resources of Zhejiang University Library", and it is strictly forbidden to provide personal account and passwords for use by off-campus personnel, otherwise all consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the offender.