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Multimedia Studio

To promote the creativity of teachers and students in the campus and to meet their needs of teamwork in multimedia production, the Multimedia Studio on the third floor of the library is officially open to the multimedia production team in the campus. 

Multimedia Studio



Zone & Equipment 



Production zone 

It is equipped with five iMACs of a set of ADOBE software, and height-adjusted tables and chairs. 

Discussion zone 

It is equipped with two whiteboards, tables, and chairs. 



Room 316 on 3rd Floor   



  1. Team applications are open at the beginning of each semester, subject to the notice 

  1. The number of team members shall not be less than 3. 

  1. A maximum of one month for an application period.   

  1. If you need to finish in advance, please contact the library three days in advance. 

  1. After completion, please submit the results summary form within one week. 

  1. After the project is completed, the material will be cleaned up. Please save the relevant documents in advance.