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1. Textbooks & Reference Books

The textbook and reference book are the teaching material designated by teachers, which have a positive effect on the improvement of teaching quality and teaching level. The library collections are appointed or recommended by the instructors, to provide reading service for teachers and students.


2. Textbook Shelf Service

In order to get textbooks and references conveniently, library has set up Textbook Shelf. The items are related to undergraduate courses teached in the campus, containing biomedicine, engineering, language, etc. Update and expansion will regularly carry out.

Location: West of the main entrance of the library, 1st floor.

Basic regulation:

(1) All the items are only for in-library using, not available for loan at the moment.

(2) Items in physical formats are allowed to scan and copy limitedly for teaching and scientific research.

(3) Place textbooks back to corresponding shelf or return box on each floor after using.

*Copyright Note:

Users must comply with the relevant copyright laws of the People's Republic of China when using scanned or photocopied materials provided by the Library for personal study, research, teaching or appreciation purposes. It CANNOT be used directly for profit-making purposes.

By applying to use the scanner or copier, the user is deemed to have accepted and will abide by the above copyright requirements.

Textbook Menu: PDF Document (Access with INTL ID)


3. Digital Textbook & Reference

For better supporting teaching, the library has purchased the following digital resources:

(i) Wiley E-text offers well-chosen teaching reference materials published by Wiley. These publications are co-authored by internationally renowned authors and scholars and are designated as teaching reference books by lots of leading universities. 1110 kinds of Wiley E-texts including engineering, science, agriculture and medicine are available.

(ii) CRC E-text offers sciences and technology textbooks with high quality. More than half of these books are used by leading university all over the world and almost all the top 30 university in UK and top 50 in USA are using CRC Press textbooks. 777 kinds of CEC E-texts including engineering, computer science and biology are available.

Please Click Here to get digital textbooks required by instructors.(Access with INTL ID)


4. Request a Recommendation

We welcome suggestions for reference books to be purchased by the library. Purchaesd resources will be collected on Textbook Shelf.

Please request a purchase to provide as much detail as possible about the resource you are recommending.  

(1) Recommend online (Recommend Book | library (

(2) Recommend by email: Submit request form (Click to Download) and email to

(3) Walk-in: information desk on the first floor in library. Hotline: 0571-87572288