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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

Serial Number: 500C0088
Publication: Weekly
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance is an American personal finance monthly magazine published by Kiplinger since 1947. It claims to be the first American personal finance magazine and to deliver “sound, unbiased advice in clear, concise language”. It offers advices on managing money and achieving financial security, saving, investing, planning for retirement, paying for college, and major purchases like automobiles and homes.   Digital Version Reading:  

New Scientist

Serial Number: 500C0088
Publication: Weekly
New Scientist is an international science magazine about recent technological developments. It was founded in 1956. In addition to daily news about the science world, the book also introduces many high-end science projects and promotes many scientific events, such as public lectures by experts. New Scientist is produced by a British weekly magazine. It is not a peer-reviewed science magazine, but is widely read by scientists and non-scientists alike, and often carries commentary on environmental issues such as climate change. It is said that IELTS readings often come from the magazine.   Digital Version Reading:  

Scientific American

Serial Number: 500B0017
Publication: Weekly
Scientific American is the most popular science magazine in the United States and around the world. It is the oldest continuously published journal in the United States and the sister publication of the prestigious Science. Since its first publication in 1845, 151 Nobel Prize winners have written articles. Scientific American has always been dedicated to reporting on the insightful observations and exciting advances in science and technology. Scientific American's ability to accurately identify new developments in science, and its ability to reveal important scientific ideas in advance, has made it far more than a science magazine. Scientific American has become an important resource for scientific research, learning and quality education.     Digital Version Reading:  

New England Journal of Medicine

Serial Number: 610B0016
Publication: Weekly
The New England Journal of Medicine, founded in 1811, is the world's longest-continuously published medical journal and is published by the Massachusetts Medical Association. The journal provides important, original research findings, clinical findings, and perspectives in biomedical and clinical practice, with an emphasis on practicality. More than half of the articles were written by people outside the United States. The journal is the most widely read and cited medical journal in the world, with a readership of more than 600,000 physicians, students, researchers, and other medical experts from approximately 177 countries and has a circulation of 200,000 in the United States. The magazine website has been upgraded to provide online access to all articles from its publications, as well as more powerful search and support services.     Digital Version Reading:  

The Spectator

Serial Number: 300C0053
Publication: Weekly
Founded in 1828, The Spectator is the oldest of The UK's national weekly magazines. It is now owned by Barclay Brothers and The Daily Telegraph. It mainly deals with political issues, but also reviews books, music, opera, films and television shows. The Spectator is one of the few British publications that does not follow popular culture, pay more attentions on opera, poetry and classical music than pop or commercial films.       Digital Version Reading:  

Harvard Business Review

Serial Number: 291B0007
Publication: Bimonthly
Harvard Business Review is committed to providing world-class reference standards for business management and promoting the internationalization of Chinese business management practices and research. It also provides thoughtful business insights and best practices to Chinese business professionals and thought-leaders around the world, improving management concepts and practices in Chinese society, and having a positive impact on managers and their organizations.    Digital Version Reading:  

TLS The Times Literary Supplement

Serial Number: 420C0001
Publication: Weekly
The Times Literary Supplement, founded in 1902, is regarded as the pre-eminent literary review and culture magazine of our time. Although it is called The Times Literary Supplement, its editing and business are in fact independent of The Times. The content is not limited to literature, but involves various fields of humanities, scholarship and art. As is said in the official history ends: "If you care about the life of the mind, you will surely find it indispensable."      Digital Version Reading:  

Library Journal

Serial Number: 375B0058
Publication: Monthly
Library Journal was founded in 1876 by Melvay Dewey, the designer of the Dewey Decimal Classification. It reports on global library news and focuses on public libraries, publishing outstanding articles on a variety of professional practices, as well as analyzing library-related materials and facilities.   Digital Version Reading:  


Serial Number: 270B0017
Publication: Monthly
Fortune was founded in 1929 by Henry Luce, an American, to publish economic research articles. It is now owned by Time Inc., a unit of Time Warner Inc. Fortune, since 1954 launched the global top 500 list, has always become the focus of economic circles. The Fortune Global Forum, the annual meeting of the Fortune 500, is one of a series of high-profile financial forums hosted by Fortune. The columns of the magazine include management wisdom and practice, successful management strategies of outstanding companies, technology trends, the application of information technology in industrial and commercial enterprises, and reports on the development trend of the industry, country and regional market. In addition to the cover story, which is often a hot topic in the business world, the annual merchant selection and the thematic reader survey report also attract attention from enterprises. The annual list of listed companies published by the magazine is an indicator of high quality enterprises.   Digital Version Reading:  


Serial Number: 500B0186
Publication: Monthly
Discover attracts intelligent and curious readers – forward thinkers and public advocates engaging in a dialogue of action that influences opinion leaders and encourages innovation. They are active in their communities, carry a strong voice concerning political issues and are very active in environmental groups.     Digital Version Reading: