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The construction of international campus library begun at 2015 and as part of Zhejiang University library system, it was first opened in September 2017. Next to the Bell Tower, the library is one of the landmarks of International Campus, Zhejiang University. By the northeast side of the Central Lake, it is an elegant third-floor octagonal building, which occupies a land of 9606 square meters, with six hundred seats and hundreds of thousand books. In the principle of international, personalization, informatization and openness, and in the idea of people-oriented and collection for use, the guarantee of literature and information resources, support of teaching and scientific research, and construction of academic information environment enhance the development of International Campus.

The layout and environment of the library are set in accordance with the principle of "openness, flexibility, comfort and diversity", fully considering the different reading habits of Chinese and foreign students, so as to provide diversified experience for diversified readers in the campus. The first floor is designed for the service and communication purpose, books of natural science are mainly collected on the second floor, the third floor is characterized by Collection of Art and Social Science and Innovative Space. The layout of each floor is characteristic, in which a variety of service is integrated, including collecting, borrowing, reading, consulting, studying and printing. Designed in the concept of environmental protection, it won the British EcoCampus Platinum Award, and the LEED Platinum Green Building Environmental Protection Certification in the United States as the first library building in China to win this award.

The library actively constructs a resource guarantee system of foreign-language-focused. At present, there more than 93000 books, of which the ratio of Chinese and foreign languages is 1:2, and more than 20 kinds of foreign magazines. Resource development is subject-focused, and, thus, involves subjects of the campus, such as Biomedical Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, and etc. Resources of Zhejiang University Libraries are accessible across library branches. With the help of logistics, teachers and students in the campus can quickly borrow more than 6.84 million books in Zhejiang University Libraries and can also easily access all digital resources through the network, including 779 databases, more than 2.45 million e-books and more than 4.26 million e-journals.

The library strives to support teaching online and offline, providing textbook ordering and consulting services and setting up textbook bookshelves covering all courses. It constantly improves the reader service mechanism converging at home and abroad, realizing "one-stop" service and information management, and providing consistent reader service experience for Chinese and foreign students. And it gradually forms an information literacy training system, carrying out a variety of information literacy training courses such as freshman admission education, regular trainings and customized trainings according to the diversified types of students in the campus. We will normally carry out cultural activities in a "Weixue" brand from the perspectives of "view, listening, reading and speaking" to carry forward Chinese traditional culture.

Based on the fundamental task of values establishment and people cultivation, and facing the grand goal of Zhejiang University to become a world-class university, the library will continue to strive to obtain and preserve the first-class resources supporting the teaching and scientific research development of the campus, to build a knowledge bridge of users and global knowledge, and create an information environment to stimulate innovation and deliver excellence, and to become an important force to promote the International Campus into a model of international education cooperation.