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Essential endocrinology and diabetes 

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Title: Essential endocrinology and diabetes 

Author: Holt, R.I.G., Hanley, N.A.

Press: Wiley-Blackwell.

ISBN:  9781444330045

Edition: 6th

Introduction: Beautifully presented, and now in full colour, the sixth edition of Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes uses its ever popular easy reading style to explain the key principles of endocrine physiology, to students, clinicians and scientists.  An invaluable chapter on endocrine methodology also gives advice on molecular investigation.  This foundation is followed by two sections outlining the diagnosis and management of clinical endocrine disorders, with a particular focus on diabetes. Bringing you fully up-to-date with the latest knowledge and concepts about the workings of the endocrine system, pedagogy has been strengthened throughout, and includes learning objectives and just to recap sections at the beginning of each chapter; reminding the reader of key findings and principles, and cross-referencing to enable readers to locate related information quickly and efficiently.

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