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Notice on the Trial Opening of Caixintong

Caixintong integrates the whole line of news products of Caixin and Caixin Weekly to output original financial news. The news products opened for trial this time mainly include: 

 1. Caixin: The website integrates information, opinion, multimedia, interaction and other information products, outputs original content in real time, and provides financial news, information, comments, and basic financial information services. 

 2. Caixin Weekly: With news and information on economy, finance, industry and other social fields as the core, it focuses on reform and opening up, and is based on financial news, providing objective and timely reports, in-depth investigations, etc. 

 3. Caixin English products includes Caixin English website, English weekly and bimonthly digital editions, Caixin English Watch, Chinese and English Caixin international conference transcripts, Caixin-SinicaPodcast, and Chinese and English Caixin economic index reports. 

Note: Caixin English products can be accessed at: 


Access address: 

Access method: IP controlled access on campus or access after registering an account. 

Access period: From today to July 31st, 2023 



Apr. 11th 2023