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Notice on the Trial Opening of The CCERDATA

The CCERDATA is divided into three major sections: the Standard Database, the Special System Platform, and the Belt and Road Special Database.    

The CCER standard database covers China's macro and micro market economic and financial data. It is divided into 16 sections, including capital market, money market, industry data, futures data, warrants data, macro data, Hong Kong stock data, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange data and New Third Board data.  

The special data system platform integrates China industrial enterprise data, China industrial enterprise pollution emission data, China customs data and China patent data into one enterprise micro data query system, which enables cross-database search between different types of data.  

The Belt and Road Database contains four sections:"Country Profile", "Data Services", "News and Information" and "Policy Environment ". It covers data and information on 72 countries along the Belt and Road and 133 countries that are key trade partners of the Belt and Road strategy.  


1. Only part of the data is available during the trial period.  

2. The special system platform can be accessed through the following website:  



Access method: IP-controlled access on campus.  

Access period: From now until 31 July 2023  




 Mar. 14th 2023