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Notice on the Trial Opening of Proquest Ebook Central Data Platform

Ebook Central Platform (EBC), a comprehensive e-book platform formed by the merger of the former EBL and Ebrary, includes more than 1.6 million e-books published by more than 1,000 famous university publishers, professional publishers and academic publishing institutions worldwide. Among them, 40% of titles have been published in the last five years. Its contents cover a full range of discipline areas including science, technology, social and behavioral sciences, computer science, business, law, history, humanities, and medicine in 20 languages including English, German, and French. 

Note: All MyiLibrary e-books that the library had purchased have been migrated to the EBC platform, and readers can go to use them. At the same time, this trial has opened full-text access to more than 200,000 titles of the Academic Complete subject package of the platform. Readers can apply for the purchase of books without full-text access, and the library will make purchases as appropriate depending on the collection. 


Access: IP control access within campus. Support WebVPN or CARSI for off-campus access.  ZJU unified identity authentication logining. 

Access period: From now until January 10th, 2023 



                                                                                                                          Nov. 11th 2022