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WORD Typesetting Methods and Techniques -- An Example of Resume Creation


A resume is a targeted self-presentation and a knock on the door of the road to further education or job hunting. A professional and standardized resume can convey one’s rigorous, meticulous and serious working attitude, which helps to give the interviewer a good impression and improve the possibility of getting the offer. This lecture aims to help students master the basic typesetting methods and skills with WORD through example operation, in order to improve the visual effect of the resume, and enhance competitiveness.

Speaker: Xu Jingjing

Introduction: librarian, Master of Engineering, engaged in science and technology novelty retrieval and intelligence analysis, etc.

Time: Apr. 7th, 2024, 15:30-16:30, Sunday

Mode: Online live


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Language: Chinese

Participants: All

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 Apr. 3rd, 2024