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"WeiXue Salon – Make a Trip to the World Heritage in My Country" was successfully held

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Figure 1. The "World Natural and Cultural Heritage Exhibition" 
on the first floor of the library

Recently, the library launched the cultural carnival serial event on the theme of “From Haining to the World". A total of 57 world heritage sites in China that have been included in the "World Heritage List" were exhibited, along with 14 world heritage sites in other parts of the world. A book exhibition with same theme was launched simultaneously, bringing a wonderful cultural landscape.  On the evening of November 23, the library successfully held the "WeiXue Salon – Make a Trip to the World Heritage in My Country", inviting teachers and students on campus to introduce and share the world heritage sites in their hometowns, and to actively familiarize the world heritage and cultural background of other countries. The library also invited Mr. Ren Zhijun, a visiting scholar of ZIBS China Studies Program, and Ms. Wu Xiaolin, a staff from Hangzhou West Lake World Cultural Heritage Monitoring and Management Center, to give high-quality sharing.
At the beginning of the salon, teachers and students wandered around and enjoyed the "World Natural and Cultural Heritage Exhibition" at the library atrium, exchanged their impressive heritage sites with each other, and had a preliminary understanding of the rich world heritage sites in China.


Figure 2. The students are visiting the exhibition

Then, Ms. Wu Xiaolin introduced the related concepts, origin, and development of ‘World Heritage’. As the curator of this exhibition, Ms. Wu Xiaolin shared the original intention of the exhibition: hoping that young people on the international campus can understand the value and significance of world heritage, pay attention to, and participate in the protection of world heritage.


Figure 3. Wu Xiaolin introduced the concept of "World Heritage"

During the salon, a total of 8 international students shared the world heritage sites in their hometown: Torre pendente di PisaTorre di Pisa, Tower of London, Thailand’s Kaeng Krachan National Park, the Netherlands’ Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout… They talked about it in detail, introducing the time of its formation, the geographical environment, the process of development, and so on. During the sharing part, audience listened carefully and asked what they are interested in, and received detailed explanations from the presenters. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant.


Figure 4. Students are making introductions


Figure 5. Students are making introductions


Figure 6. The audience listens and communicates

Ren Zhijun, a visiting scholar of ZIBS China Studies Program, also shared his views on "why do we need historical sites" with students. He strongly agreed that world heritage is unique, irreversible, and a precious treasure for all mankind. He said that when he looked into the cultural or natural heritage sites, he felt shock because of its beauty – the sincere history and a living culture behind the heritage – that he could not simply record and copy with camera. "Historical sites help us learn more about ourselves,” he said.


Figure 7. Mr. Ren is sharing

At the end of the salon, the audience thanked everyone for sharing and he had benefited a lot. He said that he could still remember the inner shock when he viewed a world heritage site in the past.


Figure 8. Audience is sharing

World heritage not only vividly describes the past, but also influences the present and the future profoundly. We, young people, have an obligation to ‘protect, inherit and make good use of this precious wealth’. From this WeiXue salon, students have a deeper understanding of the world heritage in different countries, which reflects the mutual respect and appreciation between different civilizations. Library will continue to provide opportunities and create platforms for cross-cultural communication and mutual learning between teachers and students on campus.

Translated by Yu Yin
Nov.27th, 2023