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To Appreciate the Wonders, To Communicate with Multi-culture – The 2023 Cultural Carnival Series Activities

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To help teachers and students on Campus better understand cultures around the world and promote cultural integration, the library has launched a series of cultural carnival activities named “From Haining to the World” from November to December, 2023. Based on the appreciation for selected World Heritage Sites and the exploration towards Haining culture, a series of activities were organized, such as exhibitions, hand-crafts experience and salons, in order to vividly show the diverse culture, guide teachers and students to explore the beauty of the world landscapes, understand the differences and similarities of different cultures, and cultivate the sense of responsibility to inherit cultural.


View the World, Appreciate the Wonders

“WeiXue Fair: The World Natural & Cultural Heritage Exhibition” on display in the library atrium is jointly organized by the library and Hangzhou West Lake World Cultural Heritage Monitoring and Management Center. The exhibition showcases 57 World Heritage sites owned by China (as of September 2023), as well as 14 other World Heritage sites with strong local characteristics. The huge exhibition attracts teachers and students to view and share their travel experience and thoughts.


Picture 1. Visitors discussing about the exhibition

In order to let readers feel the cultural value behind the World Heritage and the significance of heritage protection further, the library also launched “TRAVEL AROUND WORLD: Book Exhibition on World Natural and Cultural Heritage”, “READIO: Campus Broadcasting on World Natural and Cultural Heritage”, “TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD HERITAGE: VR Experience Activity”. These activities help participants feel the beauty of diverse culture on their own from different ways. Students from different countries also participated in “WeiXue Salon: Make a Trip to the World Heritage in My Country”. A wonderful cultural exchange was completed during the introduction the famous World Heritage sites in their own countries to each other, stimulating the audience's desire to explore and protect the world cultural heritage.


Picture 2. Visitor experiencing VR activities


Picture 3. WeiXue Salon: Make a Trip to the World Heritage in My Country


Haining Document and Its Local Culture

Haining is also abundant of cultural heritage. In order to promote the understanding of the characteristic culture of Haining, as well as to better spread and carry forward the excellent culture of Haining, cooperated with local cultural units in Haining, the library has launched “Haining Treasure: Haining Library Collection of Precious Ancient Books Exhibition”, showing the accumulation and miniature of Haining culture’s development. The special bookshelves of Haining Local Collection are set up in the library, introducing the precious historical materials, masterpieces, and documentary materials of Haining to readers. The “Haining Intangible Cultural Heritage: Handmade Color-Printed Cloth Experience” carried out in cooperation with Haining Intangible Cultural Heritage Center, was also very popular among students. Under the guidance of Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritors, the patterns printed by students were bright and lively with local style.


Picture 4. Haining Treasure: Haining Library Collection of Precious Ancient Books Exhibition


Picture 5. The special bookshelves of Haining Local Collection


Picture 6. Student scans the QR code to listen to the Haining Voice on Himalayan FM


Picture 7. Handmade Color-Printed Cloth Experience

The 2023 Cultural Carnival series activities has come to an end. The library will continue to organize various cultural activities to convey the spirit and connotation of excellent Chinese traditional culture, and showcase the charm and elegance of world culture. We look forward to exploring the beauty of diverse cultures with you.

Translated by Hu Haoran