[Resource Recommendation] The Trial Notice on CnOpenData Data Platform

Submitted by yanglinpei on Fri, 04/08/2022 - 11:06

CnOpenData platform covers economics, finance, law, medical, humanities and other disciplines, with more than 70 thematic databases. It covers ten data series, including patent data (140 million + magnitude), industrial and commercial registered enterprise data (170 million + magnitude), listed company data, land data, government data, COVID-19 data, regional data, traffic data and meteorological data. It sets data customization services, data integration capabilities, academic support in one.

Note: Enter the database home page - click login -IP login

Address: https://www.cnopendata.com/

Access method: IP control access within the campus;

                          Off-campus access: Use WebVPN (https://webvpn.zju.edu.cn/) and log in by entering the VPN account and password.

Time: From now until March 9, 2023


 Mar. 23, 2022