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[Lecture Notice] To Play with Office 365: This is A Good Team with Teams



As a powerful integrated tool, Microsoft Teams is well known and used for basic functions such as communication and collaboration, channels and teams, can also be interoperable with other Microsoft Office 365 software. Recently, Teams has launched the "Updates" application, which can quickly synchronize and summarize the content of learning and work, so that you always have an insight into the team's working procedure, and the weekly report of the work is always at hand! This Friday, the library invites you to join the Office lecture to easily "play" with team collaboration and online "cloud" learning through Teams! 


Speaker: Yang Beijian 

Introduction: Senior lecturer of Microsoft Office series courses. 
Time: Nov. 10th, 2023, 15:30-16:30, Friday 
Mode: Live / Online live 

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Language: Chinese 

Participants: All 


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Nov. 8th, 2023