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[Event Notice] The Notice of “Farewell ZJU’’ Graduation Event Held by Library for Graduates in 2022



How four-year flies. The graduation season comes.

Do you remember the first time we met?

Do you remember the first book you borrowed?

Do you want to record the memorable moments in library?

Do you still want to come back and recall the past after several years?

Then come to the library to join the "Farewell ZJU" – library graduation event for graduates in 2022.


1. "Library Moment": record the enteral moment. The youth in shadows, the poetry in silence. Ms. Librarian has also prepared for you a book-shaped photo wall to mark your memories with library.

Time: May 27th-June 2nd

Location: Library Atrium


2.“A Drifted Message to Freshmen”. Write some words in a little clip to the freshmen, it’s delighted if some of them can get your blessings and exhortations and your word gives him or her encouragement and guidance.

Time: May 27th-June 27th

Location: Library Information Desk


3. “Your Library Memory”. We remember what you have done in the library, which probably you have forgotten. You will get your library data before graduation, which record your stories with library. Let’s expected who are the top graduate of visiting library and reading books.


4. “Library Talk”. Do not fear about the future,never cry over the past. In the four years of braving winds and waves,we are together with you. What do you want to talk about your life here?

Time: May 27th-June 27th

Location: Library Information Desk


May 26th, 2022