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[Lecture Notice] Instructions for Science and Engineering Literature Retrieval



After downloading many articles, reading a lot of books, do you notice that you still cannot find the experimental data and methods you want? Fellows, you may need a guide on science and engineering literature search operation. This lecture takes computer science as an example, through specific cases, introduces the retrieval and acquisition methods of engineering professional literature, which teaches you how to accurately choose the search terms, compile the search formula in order to obtain high-quality literature in appropriate databases. Why not come to attend?


Speaker: Li Yi

Introduction: Librarian, degree of Master. Engaged in information literacy, discipline intelligence analysis and other business for a long time.
Time: Mar. 4th, 2022, 15:30~16:30, Friday
Location: Library Multi-function Room, 1st Floor
Mode: Online live


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Language: Chinese

Participants: All




Mar. 3rd, 2022