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[Lecture Notice] To Make Your PPT Wonderfu道



This lecture will take you to avoid the misunderstandings in the process of making PPT, and teach you to make an eye-catching PPT. What is the correct procedure for making PPT? What issues should be paid attention to in each step of the PPT production process? The answers are all in the lecture this Friday. If you want to get more skills to make your PPT more wonderful, please join us!


Speaker: Liu Jingyu

Introduction: Librarian, degree of Master. Engaged in document delivery, information literacy and other business for a long time.
Time: Nov. 12th, 2021, 15:30~16:30, Friday
Location: Library Multi-function Room, 1st Floor
Mode: Online Live


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Language: Chinese

Participants: All

Library and Information Center

Nov. 8th, 2021