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[Event Notice] Weixue Salon: Living Library — Mr. Qian Juntao’s Art World



The beautiful mountains and waters of Haining have nurtured generations of Haining talents. Mr. Qian Juntao is one of the famous talents who was known as a seal carver, calligrapher and painter, book designer, poet, publisher, essayist, connoisseur and collector. He served as a member of the Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History, vice president of Xiling Seal Art Society, deputy editor of People's Music Publishing House, and editor-in-chief of Shanghai Literature & Art Publishing House.

The Living Library welcomes you follow the step of the lecturer Mr. Zou Qiang, and walk into the Art world of Mr. Qian

Here are the details:

Title: Mr. Qian Juntao’s Art World

Call Number: K825.7=7/CZ1/LL005

Author: Zou Qiang

Introduction: Works in the Qian Juntao Institute of Arts

Reading Time: 18:30-19:30, Nov.10th, Wednesday, 2021

Reading Location: Multi-function Room

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Living library is a reading concept. Not only can you hear mellow stories here, but you can also get your own living library card. Come and have a warm encounter with a warm reading. Don’t forget to bring your living library card if you already have it!


Library and Information Center

Nov. 5th, 2021