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[Service Notice] Notice of Student Textbook Purchase of 2021-2022 Spring-Summer Semester


Dear all:

Student textbook purchase of 2021 spring semester is about to start. If you want to order textbooks, please submit your order online through PeopleSoft and pay the bill in advance. Detailed information is as follows:

1.    Ordering time: 0:00, Nov. 4th, 2021 – 0:00, Nov. 8th, 2021. Overdue order and payment will not be accepted. 

2.   Platform: PeopleSoft. (See the attachment for the guide)

If you are unable to order due to your status, you may scan the following QR code to submit your order:



3. Pre-payment for ordered textbooks: Please prepay the total cost of the textbooks according to the price displayed and upload a screenshot of the transfer. Due to the possible price change, you will probably get part of your payment refunded at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Please scan the QR code below for self-service payment


Reminder: For online prepayment, please note your name + student ID + prepayment amount

Please scan the QR code below to submit a screenshot of the prepaid textbook fee transfer.



4.    The textbook order this time is only for institution course (Language, ideological and political education, physical education, and other public compulsory courses are not included). Students can choose their own textbooks by voluntary according to the courses they take in the next semester. Textbooks for public compulsory course will be ordered uniformly by the campus. Please check the textbook of the course with the course instructor or institute academic affair staff.

5.    The textbook information provided on PeopleSoft is for reference. If there is any change about the textbooks’ edition update or price, those you ordered in the previous stage will still be considered as ordered without further notice.

6.    The order is made once you submit your application. Please make sure your application before submitting, because no exchange or refund can be given unless quality problems.

Since it takes long delivery period of time for foreign language textbooks to arrive, and the online ordering time is limited, please order in time and inform each other.

Purchase Guide.pdf


Library and Information Center 

Nov. 3rd , 2021