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[Resource Recommendation] Notice on the official opening of Nature academic journal-Academic Journal


Academic resource map (ARM) is a multi-dimensional electronic resource navigation system based on subject clustering and data-driven, including Chinese and foreign journals, foreign books, dissertations and other types of electronic resources, which can realize subject oriented academic resource aggregation and navigation. Related resources are associated with the full-text resources that our school has ordered, which can achieve convenient full-text access. At present, it has collected more than 130000 foreign periodicals, more than 1.5 million foreign books, more than 20000 Chinese periodicals and some other resources. In addition, the map of academic resources aggregates the data of articles, downloads and citations of our university, which is convenient for users to find important academic resources of specific disciplines and understand the academic influence and contribution of relevant academic achievements.


The main functions are as follows:

Resource search: Taking e-journals as an example, by inputting the key words prompted in the search box at the top of the home page, you can easily and intuitively understand the core journals, main core publishers, corresponding library collections, journal details (database, years of access, journal impact factor, our university's downloads, publications, citations) and so on, Users can dynamically grasp the important academic resources of their disciplines and their academic contribution to our university;

Subject navigation: Chinese and foreign language resources are sorted according to the disciplines of the Ministry of Education (13 disciplines, 110 first-class disciplines and more than 400 second-class disciplines); The resources are sorted according to the if value, snip value and other quality indicators, as well as the usage indicators of the University, such as the number of downloads, papers and citations;

Subject aggregation: cluster resources based on subjects to present important academic resources. Multi dimensional display of data navigation under different indicators. It shows the functions of the University's published information, Journal of citation, abstract database, Journal Full-text data, book full-text database, related subjects, subject related, academic tools, etc;

Resource collection: collect resources for later visit;

Contribution Guide: analyze the highly cited journals, highly cited scholars, highly cited institutions and other information of the University in various disciplines, so as to provide reference for contribution and cooperation. So far, it has collected more than 10000 contribution links of foreign journals and more than 4000 contribution information of DOAJ journals.

Access address:

Access mode: IP control access within the campus; off-campus access: use WebVPN(, log in by entering the VPN account and password.

Library & Information Center

May.25th, 2021