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[Lecture Notice] “Seeking for” Patent Retrieval Method



Patent retrieval is indispensable in every aspect of technological innovation. Patent information retrieval helps people engaged in technology innovation understand the technical background, market environment, technical hot spots and technical gaps, etc. This lecture mainly introduces a variety of patent retrieval methods and the utilization of patent retrieval resources according to the patent retrieval objectives.


Speaker: Sun Lijuan

Introduction: Reference librarian, master of agriculture. Engaged in science and technology research, literature search and patent analysis services, specializing in literature, patent retrieval and analysis, has obtained the national patent agent qualification certificate.

Time: May 28th, 2021, 15:30~16:30, Friday
Location: Library Multi-function Room, 1st Floor
Mode: Online live


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Language: Chinese

Participants: All

Library and Information Center

May 26th, 2021