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[Event Notice] WeiXue Fair | Wenjin Award Winning Books Fair



What is the deep sea? What's in the deep sea?

How does the formula portray the beauty of the universe?

Why is Han Painting called a huge monument without words?

Everything is hidden in the book.

Wenjin Book Award has reached its 16th edition.

Meet you here.


Wenjin Book Award was established in 2004. It is a public welfare book award sponsored by National Library of China. The name of the award "Wenjin" not only originated from National Library's treasured Wenjin Pavilion Siku Quanshu, but also refers to "Cultural Jinliang". As a messenger of communication and a bridge for cultural heritage, library plays an active role in the professional mission to promote the positive interaction between authors, publishers and readers.


Event: WeiXue Fair | Wenjin Award Winning Books Fair

Time: May 21st, 2021-July, 2021

Location: Corridor on the second floor of library

Sponsor: National Library of China

Organizer: Library & Information Center Zhejiang University International Campus


Library and Information Center

May. 18th, 2021