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[Resource Recommendation] Opening trial notice for JoVE experiment video journal


JoVE experiment video journal is devoted to present the research process and achievements in biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, and other disciplines in the form of video. In 2018, JoVE has published 13 subject collections, with more than 11000 experimental videos and more than 11000 articles, covering biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, environment, and other fields. JoVE experiment videos come from research institutes of over 10 countries and regions, including the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, etc.

JoVE research journal for this trial are:

(N) Neuroscience

(I2) Immunology & Infection

(DB) Developmental Biology


Access address:

Access mode: IP control access within the campus; off-campus access: use WebVPN(, log in by entering the VPN account and password.

Visit time: from today to May 16th, 2021


Library & Information Center

April.13th, 2021