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[Lecture Notice] How to Protect Your Technological Innovation with Patent — From Patent Awareness to Application



Where there is innovation, there are intellectual property rights. As an important part of intellectual property rights, patent is an important mean of protecting technological innovation. This lecture starts from the basic knowledge of patents and introduces the patent application process, authorization conditions, and application skills, while further stepping to the functions and characteristics of patents.


Speaker: Zhang Yaqun

Introduction: Reference consulting librarian, Master of Engineering. Engaged in intellectual property information services, good at patent search, patent analysis and other businesses. Possesses the qualifications of national patent agents and technical brokers in Zhejiang Province, and passed the national judicial examination.
Time: Apr. 16th 2021, 15:30~16:30, Friday
Location: Library Multi-function Room, 1st Floor
Mode: Online live



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Language: Chinese

Participants: All

Library and Information Center

Apr. 14th, 2021