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[Lecture Notice] How to Use Data Publishing to Enhance the Data Academic Impact



With the vigorous development of data-intensive scientific research activities, scientific data presents a "blowout" growth, and how to realize the effective sharing and utilization of scientific data has become an increasingly concerned problem. Data publishing is one of the important methods to facilitate data sharing. Scientific data published by researchers with clear, accurate and complete property rights and high sharing value can promote the reuse of data, improve the efficiency of scientific research, enhance the popularity and influence of data publishers.


Speaker: Chen Huixia

Introduction: Librarian, Master of Management, engaged in library culture construction.
Time: Apr. 9th, 2021, 15:30-16:30, Friday
Location: Library Multi-function Room, 1st Floor
Mode: Online live


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Language: Chinese

Participants: All

Library and Information Center

April 8th. 2021