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[Service Notice] Notice on Activating Your Library Account for Borrowing Books


According to Zhejiang University Library's "Notice on Activating Your Library Account for Borrowing Books", in order to make you fully understand the process and the right of borrowing books, to make it more convenient for you to use the library services, to receive library notification timely and accuratelylibrary borrowing service will be updated from January 2, 2020. Do please activate your library account for borrowing booksOtherwiseyou will be unable to borrow any books from library.

All the readers need to activate your library account for borrowing books.

Activation will start from 00:00 on January 2, 2020before that it is invalid.

You can activate in the following three ways

l  Click the link

l  Scan QR code below


l  Ask a librarian to activate for you in the library Information Desk. Hotline0571-87572288 Service Hour830-1700 Monday to Sunday.


Activation Process:

Step 1: enter your “姓名name”, “学工号Student/Staff Number” the last 6 numbers of your ID Number/passport in the login interfaceand picture verification code.

Step 2: fill in your frequently used email and mobile phone number as required and complete the mobile phone number verification.

Step 3: please read the library borrowing terms carefully and click "同意并激活我的帐户agree and activate my account ". After successful activation, click ok.

Complete the above three steps, congratulations! Your library account for borrowing books has been activated.

After activation, you will be granted for the following privileges and services:

1. Notifications of permission to borrow books;

2. About-to-overdue books notification;

3. Overdue books notifications;

4. Notifications of the arrival of reserved books

5. Reminders of book request and the changed overdue date.


1. If you have any questions during the activation, please feel free to contact us at 0571-88206530 for questions on borrowing books or at 0571-87951630 for questions on password or website service.

2. After activation, if you need to change your email or mobile phone number, you can change it in library homepage - "我的图书馆My Library" - "更新地址Updated Address".

3. You can activate your library account whenever you want to borrow books.



Library and Information Center

Dec. 30th, 2019