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[Event Report] Books as Boats for Boundless Learning —— The Unveiling of the Weixue Reading Corners in the International Campus, Zhejiang University


To further strengthen the reading atmosphere and bridge the gap between literary resources and readers among the faculty and students, breaking through the "last one hundred meters" between the library and the college and departments on the campus. In December 2023, the first batch of Weixue Reading Corners were officially unveiled.


Book Transfer Ceremony


With a combination of the leisure spaces and books personalized and updated based on the needs of special readers in each reading corner, library aims at providing students and teachers with a more convenient, comfortable, and high-quality reading experience where they can choose a nice book after the busy schedule of study and work.


Currently, the first batch of Weixue Reading Corners are in ZJE 2A Building, ZIBS Building, and Yuanzheng International Hotel. The books in the reading corners cover humanities and social sciences, popular books from major reading lists, and some professional books. Students and teachers can go to the reading corner and choose a book with a few friends.


ZJU-UoE Joint Institute (ZJE)


 Location: ZJE 2A Building A123Activity Room for CPC

Opening Hours: 12:00-13:00


International Business School (ZIBS)


Location: ZIBS 301 China Studies Library MCS LIBRARY

Opening Hours: Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00-12:00


Zhejiang University Yuanzheng International Hotel


Location:1st Floor of Zhejiang University Yuanzheng International Hotel Weixue Reading Corner Painting and Calligraphy Reading Room

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00


Learning can supplement its deficiencies and lead to wisdom. In the future, the library will collaborate with colleges to carry out various reading promotion activities. The library will timely adjust and update the strategy for resources based on the effects of the first batch of Weixue Reading Corners, aiming at building more reading corners in the campus, making books easily accessible, reading pervasive, and for a campus with strong reading atmosphere.