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[Event Report]“You Select, We Collect” ——The Library Organized Teachers and Students to Participate in the 2023 Autumn Chinese Book Exhibition


 In order to meet the diversified reading needs of our readers, optimize the library collection structure, and allow teachers and students to enjoy the fun of selecting and collecting books. The library specially invited teachers and students in the campus to participate the “2023 Autumn Zhejiang Chinese Book Exhibition” held by Zhejiang Xinhua Bookstore Group Co., LTD. 

The exhibition integrated the offline exhibition and the online “Yun Guan Pei” book selection platform. More than 200,000 high-quality Chinese books were exhibited and more than 600 well-known domestic publishers participate in the event. A wide range of subjects were covered in this exhibition, including professional disciplines like biology, medicine, computer science, and mechanical engineering, etc. Books in humanities fields were also involved, such as literature, history, and philosophy.  

The online “Yun Guan Pei” platform was conducted from October 9, 2023 to October 13, 2023. During this five-day online book fair, a total amount of 83 readers registered, and recommended a total of 658 books. The online book fair facilitates communication and interaction between teachers, students, libraries, stores, and social organizations for those who were unable to attend the offline exhibition in person, effectively catering to the needs of all readers involved.  




The library organized a trip to Hangzhou on October 10, 2023, for teachers and students to participate in the offline book exhibition. They had the opportunity to personally select and recommend books and engage in face-to-face communication with publishers, and editors, obtaining up-to-date information of the latest publications.  





During the book selection, teachers and students scanned through books on the exhibition tables and made recommendations based on the combination of campus library’s collection requirements and personal preferences. In the end, more than 800 books were chosen by teachers and students.   



Chang Leixin, a graduate student majoring in mechanical engineering at Grade 2023, enthusiastically expressed that this activity provided him with an unprecedented opportunity to select books freely. Not only did it broaden his horizons, but it also brought him relaxation during the busy schedule of academic study.   



The integrated offline and online book exhibition offered a new approach for the readers to closely participate in the book selection process. The library will complete the order and make the books on the library shelves as soon as possible. 

Text: Lin Suting 

Photography: Zhu Linyi & Lin Suting 

Translation: Lin Haikun