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[Event Report]"A Rewarding and Enjoyable Adventure for Freshmen”—— A Series of Library Orientation Activities in 2023 were Carried Out Successfully


To help new students quickly understand and familiarize themselves with the library, a series of welcome events for freshmen in the year of 2023 were organized by the library from August 26 to September 22.


As the new students arrived, a welcome table was set up with library guides, bookmarks, and drifted bottles from graduates.


Image 1: Freshmen around the welcome tale


The library had prepared a bookshelf for freshmen in advance, recommending books on university life, learning techniques, writing skills, emotional understanding, and essential readings for each major, aiming to make freshmen less bewildered towards college life.


Image 2: The bookshelf for freshmen.


Image 3: The student is reading recommended books for freshmen.


During the campus tour, the librarians given introductions to freshmen by groups, which deepens the students' impression of the library.


Image 4: Librarian is given introduction to the freshmen.


During orientation session for the new students, the librarian introduced the library's overview, space services, resources access, and lecture & activities. At the end of the session, the students actively participated in the online quiz about the library, where 30% of the students achieved a perfect score.


Image 5: The Orientation for Freshmen.


"Learning by Doing" was the principle embodied by the library, combining online and offline activities and setting up five practical "tasks" for the students to complete one by one. The "Looking For X" activity was a resounding success, with a total of 51 participants.


Image 6: The first task


Image 7: A freshmen is searching for books



Image 8: A freshman is engaged in a lucky draw after completed the five 



Image 9: A group photo of some students with their prizes


The library orientation activities this year attracted more participants as they well fit the hottest topics, practically and full of fun. These activities enable students to be familiar with the library and acquire various skills in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. The fusion of knowledge and practicality is a successful application on freshmen orientation. The library will further explore innovative ways of orientation to assist students in adapting more swiftly to university life.


Sep. 22nd, 2023