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[Event Report] "The heroism of ordinary people" —— a book club of "L'Étrange " was successfully held


The influence of people is short and weak, but the influence of books is extensive and far-reaching. To make readers immersed in Western dystopian literature and understand the complexity and multi-faceted nature of human nature, the Library collaborated with the campus Student Book Society held a book club of L'Étrange , a classic work by the French existentialist Albert Camus, on the afternoon of 25 February, 2023.


Fig. 1 The Scene of the Book Club


L'Étranger is one of the most famous works by Albert Camus, the youngest ever Nobel Prize-winning author. He portrays his protagonist's deviance with great precision. In his descriptions of the absurdities experienced by Meursault and his own absurd experiences, Camus reveals the injustice and cruelty of the world without being desperate or depressed. He confronts the loneliness and sinfulness of human nature, while still advocating self and justice in a miserable life.


Fig. 2 Albert Camus


At the beginning of the event, the host Liu Zimo from the Student Book Club used a literature tendency Q & A card   to liven up the atmosphere and everyone started to speak freely.



Fig. 3 The Warm-up Activity of the Book Club


After the warm-up activity, nearly twenty readers expressed their views on the "bizarre" behaviour of the protagonist, Meursault, the standards of judicial judgement and the boundaries of morality and ethics with justice, the existence of meaning in the world and the purpose of human existence, based on the highlights of L'Étranger.



Fig. 4 Discussions between Students and Teachers



Fig. 5  Discussions between Students and Teachers



Fig. 6 Discussions between Students and Teachers


At the end of the reading club, the readers took a group photo and could not get enough of the reading. Readers said that although a book club cannot really answer many profound social propositions, they found the strength in L'Étranger to live their own lives. As the saying goes, only those who recognise reality and still love life are the real heroes. Although the world is full of absurdities, may you and I remain true to ourselves in society.



Fig. 7 A Group Photo of the Participants


The book club has come to a successful end, but the library's "One Book Project" is still going on, and everyone is welcome to join in to help develop the reading habit and cultural atmosphere in our campus.


March 4th, 2023