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The Library Received Books from Haining Library


On December 21, Library received five copies of "Haining Library Collection of Rubbing from Bronzeware or Stone Tablet" from Haining Library.


As the first county (city) level public library in the history of China, the Haining Library now has a collection of rubbing from Bronzeware or Stone Tablet, most of which are from the mid to late Qing Dynasty, but also some from the Ming Dynasty or early Qing Dynasty. In September 2010, the book "Haining Library Collection of Rubbing from Bronzeware or Stone Tablet" (published by Xiling Seal Engravers Society) is a selection and introduction of 46 kinds of rubbing. Some of the selected rubbing are local rubbings from stone inscription, which are recorded in some local chronicles; some of them contain the calligraphy of Haining calligraphers or inscriptions of Haining collectors' seals, etc., all of which have valuable local documentary value.


Lv Jialan, secretary of the Party branch and deputy director of Haining Library, donated the precious books to the campus library, and Mr. Chen Guogang, deputy director of the Office of Campus Operations and Support, returned the donation certificate. The donation shows the close cooperation and reciprocity between the library and Haining local cultural institutions, jointly promoting the utilization of Haining local cultural resources, and laying a good foundation for more in-depth college-local cooperation in the future.

The books will be cataloged and stored in the Culture Special Collection Room on the second floor of the library for readers to read indoors.



Article Zhu Linyi

Photography Xu Shuna, Lin Suting