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[Event Report] Enjoy the Feast of Chinese and Western Culture ——The 2022 Library Cultural Carnival series of activities was successfully completed


To enrich the cultural life of students and staff in our international campus, and cultivate students' cross-cultural awareness, improve their intercultural competence, the library carried out the Cultural Carnival activities--"Cultural Mosaic" series of activities from October to November in 2022, providing a feast of the collision between Chinese and western culture.


Online book fair with Collection of Chinese and Foreign Classics

“You Select, We Collect!” in this online book fair, library invited more than 600 specialized publishers, offered more than 6,000 foreign books, 100,000 new Chinese books, and 300,000 varieties, including Biomedical, Engineering, Business, Literature, Art and so on. The activity is widely welcomed, and more than 1600 books were recommended by more than one hundred of teachers and students.


Figure 1. Chinese and English poster for the online book fair

Zhejiang University Library Book Collection Seals Exhibition Witness the History of Zhejiang University

The library held the “Zhejiang University Library Book Collection Seals Exhibition” in the corridor on the second floor. Presenting the seals of the Zhejiang University library in different historical periods, collected by different collection institutions during the 125 years since the founding of Zhejiang University, the exhibition attracted a lot of students. Besides, our library invited Han Songtao, the director of the Department of Ancient Books and Special Collections of Zhejiang University Library, to give us a guided tour. Students and staff benefited a lot from the exhibition.

图片 2.png
Figure 2. Student was enjoying the exhibition


Figure 3. Students and staffs were listening to Han’s guidance


Vinyl Concert — The 290th Anniversary of Haydn's Birth

2022 marks the 290th anniversary of Haydn's birth, who is a great instrumental composer. Professor Liu Liguang, the head of the Music Collection Room of Zhejiang University Library, shared the basic knowledge of vinyl records and the stories behind Haydn's two classic pieces, Farewell and Consternation. With melodious music and the exquisite tea break, the audience was infatuated. The fun musical interactive game caused bursts of laughter, creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. 


Figure 4.  Audience was enjoying the Vinyl music


Feet on Earth, Looking to the Stars

Since Science fiction was always popular within readers, on November 24th, the library invited Prof. Tang Zhesheng, a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Soochow University, to bring a living library activity for us "Feet on Earth, Looking to the Stars: An Appreciation of Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction — Focusing on the Novels of Liu Cixin ".  Professor Tang introduced the development of Chinese science fiction, explored the cultural values behind science fiction, and answered students' doubts about The Three-Body Problem.


Figure 5. Students and staffs were listening to the speech of Pro. Tang


In the autumn of 2022, we enjoyed the unique brilliance of Chinese and Western cultures in books, music, seals, and communications. The Cultural Carnival has come to an end. These activities can only cover a small part of the extensive range of Chinese and Western civilizations, so let us continue to explore the charm of Chinese and Western culture together!


Article, Photography Qin Difan