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[Event Report] World Book Reading Day, Reading Together


To celebrate the 27th World Book Reading Day, the library held the "For Pleasure & Future" serial activities from April 23 to May 20, actively recommending the classics through the ancient and modern, and let teachers and students enjoy the fun of reading.


Audio-visual exhibition, travel through the time

"Exhibition of Precious Ancient Chinese Books in Zhejiang University Collection" selected 20 kinds of rare Ancient Chinese books of Zhejiang University, covering scriptures, picture albums, biographies, rubbings and other types. The Activity of "ancient books binding and engraving printing" was welcomed by the teachers and students in the campus as soon as it was launched. "Forewaves, young people —— UIUC" collected 12 Chinese masters and their representative works who studied and worked in UIUC. 


Figure 1. Ancient Chinese Books Exhibition


Figure 2. UIUC Works Exhibition


Figure 3. Ancient Chinese Books Binding

In order to cooperate with the content of the two exhibitions, the library screened relevant documentaries, lectures and other video materials to further expand relevant knowledge.


Figure 4.  Wei Xue Lectutres


Shared reading, unlock a new reading way

Reading promotion is the focus of this event. Library, together with the Student Reading Club, released a reading research video "Everyone around you reads these books", which attracted wide attention. The new activity "Spring Fair", the "Reading corner" also attract many readers by exchanging books for books.

The "reading corner" is a refreshed place in the book bar where welcomed the "A cup of coffee, a good book" activity, which not only allows you to relax and read quietly, but also allows you to experience the art of coffee pulling with a senior barista, bringing the ultimate immersion experience.


Figure 5. Students Stop to Watch the Interview Video


Figure 6. Spring Fair Activity



Figure 7. Students' Coffee Making Experience


Lectures to help with the scientific research

To help teachers and students with the problem in the scientific research process, the library invited Elsevier senior trainer Dr. Bai Cong and language center teacher Robert Holmes to deliver two academic lectures on academic papers submission and how to use tools to improve English writing. The lectures attracted many participants.


 Figure 8. The Online Lecture


Figure 9. The Activity Scene of the English Writing Workshop


Provide depth and wide-ranged services

During the activity, the mobile service desk of the library was set in the ZJE and ZJUI buildings. During the communication with the teachers of the college, comments and suggestions were collected from students and staff on the use of library resources and services. Library also gained the recognition of the teachers for the work that the library has been doing.


Figure 10. The Library Mobile Service Desk in the ZJUI Building


The World Reading day serial activities have been successfully concluded. Let reading be the driving force that keeps us moving forward.


Translated by Qin Difan, Zhu Linyi

Jun. 6th, 2022