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[Event Report] A Group Discussion of Crime and Punishment of the "One Book Project" of Weixue Book Club Was Successfully Held


Reading is a bridge across time and space and cultural exchange. To cultivate readers' interest in great works, library carry out the "One Book Project" of the Reading Bridge with the students of Shuxiang Reading Society. On the afternoon of February 26th, a group discussion about the forerunner of Transhumanism of the work Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, a great master of Russian literature, was held in the library Multifunctional Room.


Figure 1. The Group Discussion


Crime and Punishment is the most realistic work created by the Russian writer Dostoevsky. He reveals all levels of Russian social life in the 19th century after the Serfdom Reform, and deeply depicts the dilemma of the Russian people at the bottom due to the rapid changes.


Figure 2. Dostoevsky


The discussion started with an ice-break activity of literature tendency Q & A card and participants gradually became familiar with each other in interesting questions.


Figure 3.  The Ice-break Activity


During the discussion, more than ten teachers and students at the scene expressed their views on the characters, good and evil, punishment and self-redemption focusing on transhumanism around the wonderful chapters of Crime and Punishment.


Figure 4.  A student is expressing his ideas


Figure 5.  A teacher is expressing her ideas


Figure 6.  A student is expressing his ideas


At the end of discussion, teachers and students took a photo together. Some said that the reading club made the boring words interesting. Through an in-depth discussion of Crime and Punishment, they further understood the spiritual core of Dostoevsky's works and various thoughts in Russia in the 19th century and looked forward to a diversity of reading activities in the future.


Figure 7. Teachers and students took a photo together


Crime and Punishment is the beginning of the library's "One Book" Project. Welcome to pay attention and join it. Let's take reading as a bridge, cross time, and space, talk with masters, catch a glimpse of Chinese and foreign cultures in great works, communicate and collide with others in the book club, and increase mutual understanding.

Translation Xu Shuna