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[Data Report]Library Annual Data Report in 2021


When the first plum blossom blooms on the bank of the library, the memory of 2021 begins to blur. Do you remember the days and nights accompanied by library?


i-Library Grew Up

This year when library was four years old, it was fully opened. Since then, readers have had more choices in learning space.


By the Reader

It is seen that we readers prefer face-to-face recommendation activities and hopefully more opportunities can be created to communicate with readers in the next year. In addition, thanks to our student assitances’ contribution.


In the past two years, masks covered our facial expressions, but the communication between our hearts has never stopped. I like the way you read quietly, meditate, and stretch your eyebrows and appreciate how you express your ideas fired with boundless enthusiasm.


As is seen in the tops such as the days in the library, it was suprised that C.Z. had been on the list for many times, F.Q. left the library for 149 days after 22:00.


For the Reader

This year, high-quality teaching materials for students contitued to be provided.


Have you been involved in the activities held by the library?


With a great deal of encouragement from readers with 100% satisfaction, library will do better next year.


Never forget why you start, seeking truth, and pursuing innovation.