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The Library Received Books from Feng Boshi from ZJE Institute


Recently, Feng Boshi, a freshman in Biomedical Science major, ZJE institute, donated 201 volumes of books to our library. The books are classified clearly and have a wide range of categories, which are of high academic value and collection value.


On the donation day, Zhou Yifu, director of Office of General Administration, Xu Xiaozhong, Deputy Director of Office of Planning and Advancement, Chen Guogang, Deputy Director of Office of Campus Operations Support, and Zhang Shuping, teacher from Residential College attended the donation ceremony and participated in the discussion. 



The ceremony was presided over by Xu Xiaozhong. At the ceremony, Feng Boshi introduced the intention of the donation and the donated books, he also said that he would continue to pay attention to the library's collection resources and expressed his intention to make further donations. Zhou Yifu and Chen Guogang expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Feng Boshi for his generous donation and presented donation certificates to Feng Boshi.


The books will be classified carefully and put on the shelves for readers to borrow as soon as possible after cataloguing.


Article, Photography Zhu Linyi