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Library's Diary of "Fighting the epidemic"



The hero's city has been restarted,

you and I have met again on campus.

Let’s see the library's diary of the ‘fighting the epidemic’ in the past few months.




PART.01 Textbooks



Lack of teaching materials for online teaching? Never! During this period, the library provided 9 kinds of textbooks covering 9 courses in this semester and met the needs of more than 500 undergraduates.

In addition, various E-textbook platforms including iTextbook (8,674 kinds of textbooks available), Elsevier e-books (9300), Princeton University Press e-books (1600), Oxford University Press Academic Monographs (6300) for you to choose.


PART.02 Databases



During this period, the demand for 7 * 24-hour access to databases ensured. That's not a big deal! In addition to the SSLVPN and REMOTE ACCESS off-campus, CARSI with 35 types of databases can be used easily by INTL ID.


PART.03 LibGuides


Library has launched a one-stop resource navigation platform - Libguides. 7 subjects including Biomedical, Bioinformatics have been published.


PART.04 Online Lecture



Library customized 7 online lectures in the past weeks, about how to use the databases to search related academic resources and how to publish papers in academic journals respectively and so on. So far, the lectures have received positive responses from readers and we are looking forward to more attention!


PART.05 Book Inventory


18119 volumes of Chinese books, 41054 volumes of foreign books, 449 volumes of textbooks and 1361 volumes of reference books were counted during this period. It is easier to find books on the shelves!


PART.06 Online Services



During this period, library's online consultation service always be with you. Inquiries were answered in the first time. Book reservation lending, Yun Yue Reading, literature delivery services will be launched as scheduled. Please attention!

After a short separation we met again in the library, I believe you have felt some of our changes. We limited our space, arranged seats more separately, urged everyone to wear masks, and measured your temperature when you entered the library. Let us get through this special time together until the normal lives truly returns.


We are always with you,

we work together and help each other

being the good company of each other.