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[Event Report] Library Tour


In order to make freshmen know the library better, get familiar with library service and resources, and adjust themselves to study as quickly as possible, the library launched the activity of “Library Tour" from September 17 to September 20 at the beginning of the semester.

Students were very enthusiastic and actively participative in the activity, and the number of participants was up to 69. Our freshmen are especially engaged, they come to the library Information Desk as soon as the class is over or after a meal with the curiosity to explore the library.



Many students call this activity as library card punching. There are five tasks in total: finding printed library maps, searching for books, borrowing books, finding paper resources and booking library group study rooms.

Some students said, "It seems that the task is very simple, but you have to think. For example, printing the library map, first you have to know where to find the library map. Second, you need to know where to print the map in the library". Through the activity, they’ve known some of the library main service, such as the layout of library collection, how to search and borrow books, how to use self-printer system, and how to book a group study room.


Most of the students who participated the game completed all the tasks with great interests. Our staffs are very satisfied when we saw the students taking the "task card" with five tasks completed, and to draw the lucky lottery. 


The students who finished the five tasks and won the big prize.


The students who got a small gift.

The purpose of this event has been fully achieved as the students, especially freshmen, can step by step explore how to use library service and resources in a game. This is a successful attempt to explore which way is better for freshman to get started with library. In the future, library will try to explore more ways of resource recommendation to enhance library resource and service use.

Library and Information Center

Sep. 25th 2019