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[Data Report] Library Data Annual Report in 2018


2018 had quietly passed. Before you know it, we have stepped into 2019. Let's take advantage of the remaining warmth of 2018 to record those wonderful moments of you and your library that you don't know about.



For the Readers

Firstlet's look at the data below to memorize each warm moment that you ask for help when you using the library resources in 2018.



This year, all of you used self-serviced equipment very well! When borrowing books, don't forget to scan the long barcode at the back of book.



The following are 144 categories of textbooks you used which are published by 45 world famous presses.



By the Readers

The following data is about you. Here are the top four: the most popular software, the most popular book categories, the most popular books, and the most popular topics in the group study room.



The student Chen from ZJUI college almost took the library as his home, he came to library 250 days a year. The student Wang from ZJUI college borrowed 99 books in one year, he is really great. Our international students are also great!





With the Readers

In the past yearthe lovely library service is well provided due to the efforts of you and all the librarians.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our "friends" who recommended books for us in the last year, and also gratitude to the lovely library assistants for their contribution of 2,273.5 hours in their busy schedule.



In addition, the library has a variety of activities.  Let's take a look back at some of last year's highlights. Those of you who haven't yet taken part in the library's activities, please don’t miss them this year. 



Seek Truth and Be Creative


Library and Information Center

Mar. 25th 2019