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11、How to reserve books? Why I did not receive an informative message or email when the book has been delivered here?

You can reserve books in the library website-Using the Library-My Library. Firstly, you need to log in, with your staff number or student number and password. The original password is “9999” for staff、faculty and international students and the last six numbers of the Personal Identification for Chinese students.


How to reserve a book: once you search a book and find its detailed book information, you can press “预约(reserve)”, select collect location, “国际分馆中文流通(Intl-campus Library, Chinese Book Circulation)”. You will receive an email or message to inform you of its arrival. Please remember to collect it in the Service Desk, the 1st Floor, Library within three days.


If you didn’t receive an informative message or email, please contact us:

TEL: 057187572288


12、I cannot find the book in the 2nd and 3rdfloor, library while it shows online that it is located in the 2nd Floor, Intl-campus Library, what should I do ?

Very possibly, it is located in the Atrium, the 1st floor, where new books of foreign languages are always put on shelves here. If you cannot find the book here, please ask our librarians for help.

13、I find a book online which is located in College Library- Life Science Department. Where is it?

To be exactly, it’s a college library to offer specialized books for faculty and students’ convenience. College Library- Life Science Department is situated in the Zijingang Campus, click the link below to get more information: 院系分馆地址对照表 - 浙江大学图书馆OPAC书目检索 (

14、How to use the printing system?

You can find more detailed information in ITS website.

Printers and Devices | Information Technology Services (

15、The printer is broken, what if it asked me to pay for it again ?

You can go to the IT Helpdesk, the 1st Floor, Library to ask for refund or contact them at 0571-87572669.