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1、What’s library opening hours?

Library: Mon. - Sun. 8:30-22:30 (We’ll inform you when library is closed during holiday and vacation) 

The corridor connecting Library, and Teaching and Learning Building B: Mon. - Sun. 8:30-17:10 

Fusion Café: Mon. - Sun. 9:30-22:30 

2、What should I do if I lost my personal belongings?

You may find your personal belongings on the Information Desk, the 1st floor. If not,please remember to leave your name, your phone number and your email, so that we can contact you once it was found.

3、If I have any enquiries, who can I ask for help?

If you have any questions, you can first consult librarians in the Information Desk, or if any problem, you can seek help from them. However, each librarian would like to offer you a favor when there is any problem with you. You can also contact us via email or telephone:


Hotline: 0571-87572288

4、How can I give some suggestions to the library?

You can give suggestion to any of our librarians face to face, leave your advice on Message Board in our library website, send us an email or simply call us. 

5、I want to recommend a book, but I do not know its ISBN, what should I do?

Search “Book name ISBN” in the website:, and you can often find it. If not, please contact us at 057187572288。

6、How to recommend books or periodicals to the library?

You can recommend books or periodicals to us whenever you want, in our Library website – Support – Recommend or via email and telephone. We will take your recommendation very seriously and inform you whether we will purchase the book or periodical or not.


Hotline: 0571-87572288

7、How many books can I borrow?

Faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students can borrow at most 30-60 books; external and other readers a maximum of five books.

8、How long can I borrow the book? How can I renew it?

You can borrow a maximum of 40 days and renew it online or on our Service Desk with unlimited times. However, it could not be renewed if overdue.

9、How to search and find foreign language e-books ?

We have purchased 742 databases with a certain amount of foreign language databases, of which the frequently-used are Web of Science, EBSCO, JSTOR, ProQuest, PubMed, Engineering Village, etc.

You can go to a webpage of database guide . In addition, we have subscribed to 2.3 million e-books and 4.3 million e-journals. You can search e-books or e-journals in the website below.



10、What I cannot find the journal in library?

You can search e-journals online: ( or recommend it to us.