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Device Rental Service


Device Rental Service

Advance Notice: On December 1st, device borrowing service will be moved to the unified booking system of International Campus.


To meet the teaching and learning needs of teachers and students in the campus  with paperless reading experience, the library provides iPad and Kindle rental service.

Device (To Borrow)

Device Name







All the teachers and students of ZJU International Campus.

Free for one device each time.

Service Hour

Monday to Sunday 8:30-22:30

Loan/return location

Information desk on the first floor of the library

Device Rental process

Process of Device Rental.png

Length of device rental

The maximum borrowing time is 4 hours in the library or 7 days out of the library.




The staff will check and register the equipment when handling the return formalities. If the equipment is damaged or lost due to improper personal use, please make compensation according to the price.

Borrower's responsibility

·       Please return the device to the Information desk on time. Otherwise, you will be unable to make the reservation within a week.

·       Those who fail to claim at the service desk half an hour after the time of claim are regarded as unclaimed; Failure to pick up a reservation will be recorded as a violation. If you can't get the reservation on time, please log in to the system in advance to delete the reservation, otherwise, the violation will be recorded. If you violate the rules for more than 3 times, you will be blacklisted and will not be able to use the reservation system this semester.

·       Do not download software without permission or restore the device to factory settings.

·       To protect your privacy, please remember to log out all apps containing sensitive personal information and delete photos and other sensitive personal information before returning them.

A statement in advance

Please read Kindle & iPad Loaning Agreement of Intl-campus Library, Zhejiang University carefully before borrowing.