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Computational Modeling of Biological Systems

Course Title: Computational Biology and Systems

Title: Computational Modeling of Biological Systems

Author: Nikolay V Dokholyan

Press: Springer

ISBN: 9781461421450

Edition: Illustrated Edition

Introduction: Computational modeling is emerging as a powerful new approach for studying and manipulating biological systems. Many diverse methods have been developed to model, visualize, and rationally alter these systems at various length scales, from atomic resolution to the level of cellular pathways. Processes taking place at larger time and length scales, such as molecular evolution, have also greatly benefited from new breeds of computational approaches. 

Computational Modeling of Biological Systems: From Molecules to Pathways provides an overview of established computational methods for the modeling of biologically and medically relevant systems. It is suitable for researchers and professionals working in the fields of biophysics, computational biology, systems biology, and molecular medicine.


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Institute: ZJE

Major: BMS

Course ID: IBMS9009

Course Title: Computational Biology and Systems