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Textbook Service


Textbook Service provided by the library covers textbook purchase, distribution, fee settlement and inventory management. Textbook can be ordered once per academic semester (in May and October). It takes about 3 months before the textbooks arrival.

Regulation on Textbook Subscription of International Campus, Zhejiang University (Access with INTL ID)

1.Textbook Subscription

❗️ Click to enter the textbook ordering platform   (Purchase Guide)

Ordering Time: 2023-05-25 0:00 ~ 2023-05-27 24:00

2.Textbook List

Textbook List for AY 2023-2024 1stSemester (Access with INTL ID)

3.Online Learning Platform



WebAssign is a homework platform created by instructors for instructors

One of the major advantages and applications of an online grading system like WebAssign is the ability to grade “free response” questions.

For instructors, the WebAssign design results in a trustworthy and pedagogically accurate assessment tool.


Course Title: Calculus I & Calculus II

Course Code: Math 221 & Math 231

Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 9780357113516


PDF Guide:

MATH221-Student Quick Start Guide for accessing Cengage content from Blackboard.pdf

MATH231Start Strong - WebAssign 2021 (updated).pdf

Registration FAQ.pdf




   ·Powerful online learning system for Chemistry

·Developed by teaching chemists at UMass Amherst in 1997

·Used by approximately 500 schools and 200,000 students

·Stable, trusted and reliable, with a 99.99% uptime

·OWLv2 is a major upgrade featuring many new enhancements and improved functionality


Course Title: General Chemistry

Course Code: CHEM 102

Textbook: Calculus: Chemistry, 9781305957404

PDF Guide:

Student Quick Start Guide for accessing Cengage content from Blackboard.pdf

Registration FAQ.pdf

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