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For the Freshman

1. Get Started with Library Orientation Training

    Library will do an orientation training each year for freshmen to get familiar with library resources and service.     

Library Orientation Training

2. Reader's Guide

   The Reader's Guide will teach you how to use library resources, including how to access to library paper resources, electronic resources and how to reserve devices and rooms.

Reader's Guide

3. Frequently Asked Questions

   Welcome to visit our library FAQ for answers. For more questions, please leave a message on the Message Board.

4. Library Annual Data Report

   Visit the library data annual report to learn about the use of the library's resources every year, foresee your story with the library.

Annual Library Data Report 2021.pdf

5. iLINK WeChat

   Follow iLINK WeChat to get notices and events about Library and Information Service. You can also book a library group study room, Kindle, iPad and request for IT help on iLINK WeChat. Please scan the QR code below.


6. Contact Us

Service hotline: 0571-87572288

Service email:

Library website: