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Zhejiang University Library is a very rich and varied library, which has almost 6,000,000 collections. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) provides ‘library search’ service to help you find library collections, including Chinese/Foreign books, Chinese/Foreign journals, reference books and special collections. And you can see the information of collections such as their location and status on OPAC as well.


‘Academic search’ is a multi-functional retrieval system. You can use ‘academic search’ to discover and get all academic resources of library. It is as convenient as Google.


Finding digital resources in databases is a very important way of getting resources. Zhejiang University has more than 400 databases cover all disciplines. ‘Database search’ provides you multi-approaches to find different kinds of database resources.


Zhejiang University has purchased almost 80,000 Chinese and Foreign journals. You can search journals by key words and ISSN, or browse according to journal titles in alphabetical order.