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The main categories of membership are: registered students and staff, academic visitors, members of the public.         

1. Zhejiang University students and staff

Fully matriculated students and staff of the ZJU have full access and borrowing rights to all staffed Zhejiang University Library sites.

Your ZJU staff or student ID card serves as your library card.

Staff and students should always carry their University ID cards on them.

What does my card entitle me to?


Faculty, graduate students,

 undergraduate students

part-time students, visiting scholars, staff
Borrowing30 books12 books

Within ZJU library there are printing, photocopying and scanning facilities and open-access computing labs.

Staff and students of the ZJU have automatic access to e-resources subscribed to by the university. These are accessible through ZJU Passport.

2. Academic visitors

Academic visitors may also have full rights at the Library.

Charge for the cost of campus card and deposit for borrowing books are required.

Application and enquiries about academic visitors should be raised by the University schools/departments to the Library. See more details on Regulations Governing the Use of ZJU Library Card.

3. Members of the public

Zhejiang University Library is open to all members of the public on production of appropriate proof of identity.

Any member of the public can join ZJU Library. You can join on either as a temporary reader, or as an external borrower.



Temporary   reading license

3RMB   per day, 10RMB for 5 days

Library   card

100RMB   per year as a services fee, 200RMB as a deposit. Membership lasts for 12 months

Notes: Citizens who are over 60 years old can enter the library free with Older cards. Schoolfellows can enter the library free with relevant certificates.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring the appropriate ID as outlined below. You will be unable to register unless you have all the requested documentation.



Temporary   reading license

Photographic   ID and working certificates

Library   card

Campus   card, ID, a copy of ID and working certificates